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Gothic Mystery Bags in 2 Sizes

Gothic clothing for cheap.  We decided to make a really great offer to our customers.   Gothic Mystery Bags!  We have two different sizes. One at $24.99 that offers some really great items.  Mystery Bags may contain any number of different items - overstocks, special purchases, etc.  You could easily...

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Vintage and Rare Clothing coming soon!

We are setting up a section to sell Vintage and Rare Gothic clothing. These items will be slightly worn but in great condition.  Rare Brands like Lip Service, Tripp, Torrid, Serious and more.  Most of them will be from a private collection, but we will inspect all clothing thoroughly and...

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Started a new ad on Facebook for gothic clothing

For Gothic Clothing this week we started a new ad on our Facebook page.  Hopefully it brings in some fresh blood.  We need to reach out to more people.  It seems like the underground gothic scene is dying off a bit. I know it goes in spurts but lately there...

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Gothic Makeup

We just added some really wonderful gothic makeup to our collection. You can see it on the front page.  The Quality is really good at a very reasonable price.  Compared to Manic Panic the consistency is the same at almost half the price.  Although right now our Manic Panic makeup seems...

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