$ 46.99

Alchemy Gothic Rabeschadel Raven Skull Choker Necklace Pendant

German for "raven's skull"; the great black birds are famous for their prophetic powers and, as the eyes and ears of Odin can foretell the future. Famous also for their protective powers, for example, in Middle Ages' Christian tradition, even the body of the martyred St Vincent was forever preserved from desecration by a vigilant raven guard.

A large, authentically detailed raven's skull, in antiqued pewter with hand polished beak, threaded through the eye sockets with a wide black silk neck ribbon.

The neck ribbon is 25mm wide by 39 inches long and is fastened by hand-tying.

Approximate Dimensions:

Height: 2.44" x Width 1.10" X Depth: 0.59
Fine English Pewter with an adjustable Satin ribbon