$ 70.99

Alchemy Gothic Keepers of Tyrian Heart of Skulls & Pink Teardrop Pendant Necklace

A precious, Tyrian Purple 'pearl', caged and protected by its immortal keepers, as the patricians of ancient Phoenicia, Heracles the divine hero of ancient Greece and all through to the great Charlemagne himself, prized its hallowed properties.

A large, pierced pewter heart-shaped cage pendant, in pseudo-Baroque style incorporating miniature skulls and containing a purple glass ball. A purple Swarovski dropper hangs from the tip and it is suspended on a pewter bale with a matching teardrop crystal.

On a 32" (82cm) trace chain.

Approximate Dimensions:

Width 1.57" x Height 2.87" x Depth 1.06"
Chain Length:
Fine English Pewter with genuine Austrian Swarovski Crystals