For Gothic Clothing this week we started a new ad on our Facebook page.  Hopefully it brings in some fresh blood.  We need to reach out to more people.  It seems like the underground gothic scene is dying off a bit. I know it goes in spurts but lately there hasn't been anything eye catching in the public eye.  No good new bands or movies that represents the gothic scene.  Everything seems to be based around this lame horror movement for people that can't think for themselves.  We need to mold the children of today into the freaks of tomorrow. Pop culture is the desecration of all things once forgotten that were romantically dark and beautiful then twisted, normalized and regurgitated into bite sized nuggets for the masses.


Glenn Davis:

Glad to hear it. There are an endless number of nights I have spent using the computer to avoid family. Its nice to know someone shares my same passion. Thank you for visiting us.

May 10, 2015


As sad as it is. I’ll report that your Facebook campaign worked. As I was browsing Facebook as my way to avoid actually interacting with my family, I saw your ad and promptly followed it. Now my 12 year old and I are browsing your pages. I’ll do my best to continue her road to freakhood.

May 09, 2015

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